Restaurant Signage: Go Digital & Add Value

Gone are the days of flashing neon. Today’s restaurant signage solutions offer a sophisticated bridge of communication between your business and your customers. Offering the increased ROI that accompanies up-sell opportunities, reduced materials costs and many other benefits, digital restaurant signage is quickly becoming a standard fixture in the dining environment. Its growing popularity is inspiring everyone from national QSR chains to family-owned diners to consider a digital upgrade.

If your restaurant digital signage is ready for an overhaul, this is the time to investigate your options and consider making the jump to digital signage. Below, we’ve outlined some of the lesser-known benefits of deciding to go digital – many of which potentially offer your business a speedy return on investment.

8 Tips for Effective Restaurant Signage

1. Greater Transparency. New local and federal legislation mandates the availability of nutritional information – but how do you maintain transparency with a constantly shifting menu? Digital restaurant signage and digital menu boards offer the flexibility your business needs to meet regulations, as well as provide increasingly conscious customers with the information they need to accommodate dietary restrictions and avoid allergens.

2. Increased Flexibility. Need to add new or seasonal items? Update your current menu selections? Adjust pricing? No problem. Digital menus allow your business the flexibility to update your pricing and selections with ease across all your locations, and even integrate your changes with your POS system. Digital signage also allows the ability to update branded content as your business evolves.

3. Better Engagement. Bright, full-definition graphics and digital content are more likely to catch your customers’ attention than traditional restaurant signage. You can more easily meet the needs of your audience, by highlighting menu and promotional items appropriate to the specific location and time of day. More effective engagement strongly influences purchasing behavior to make up-selling effortless.

4. Greater Consistency. Remote, centralized management helps you maintain control of your restaurant signage, ensuring consistency between locations – whether locally, regionally or nationally. Digital updates make it easy to enforce brand continuity and emphasize a seamless, cross-location customer experience without sacrificing flexibility.

5. Enhanced Customer Experience. Digital restaurant signage provides ample opportunity to add value to the customer experience. Engaging content can entertain and inform customers while simultaneously reducing perceived wait times. A custom digital display which includes branded content, promos, specials and community-specific features can help build customer loyalty, lift sales and encourage repeat business.

restaurant signage restaurant digital signage

6. Instantaneous Feedback. Is that new specialty item appealing to customers? Are your promos driving sales? You can easily test and review new menu items, specials and promotions without a major commitment. Compare your featured items and specials to daily sales figures in order to gauge response and gain immediate insight into your customers’ preferences.

7. Reduced Cost. Eliminate the recurring costs of printing, producing and distributing physical materials. Digital signage for restaurants is not only more modern and aesthetically pleasing, it can be updated frequently to meet the changing needs and desires of your customers without breaking the bank.

8. Eco-Friendly. Digital restaurant signage makes static menu boards, seasonal displays and promotional posters a thing of the past, which means you’ll reduce the environmental impact tied to the production, printing and shipping of those items – not to mention their disposal!

The growth of restaurant digital signage is positively affecting the way many small business owners and national chains do business. Though the benefits are many, the best reward comes in the form of improved customer perception and experience. By presenting a polished, seamless brand message, you’ll increase customer confidence and loyalty, drive sales and realize a speedy return on investment.

To find out more about how to improve your restaurant signage with digital solutions, contact the experts at Mood Media today. We specialize in creating custom digital signage solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

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