Brewery & Taproom Solutions

Convert first-timers into full-fledged brand advocates that come back time and time again. Providing background music, digital beer menus, messaging, and social & mobile solutions, Mood will handcraft a winning recipe for your taproom – so you can go beyond the pint and quench your customers’ thirst for an unforgettable experience.


  • Affordable, fully licensed and commercial-free music packages
  • 160+ exclusive core programs and custom playlists
  • Integrate with Shazam In-Store to connect directly with customers

Digital Beer Menus

  • Promote seasonal brews, specials and upcoming events
  • Display ABV, IBU, SRM and other relevant beverage information
  • Cost-effective technology, easy-to-use online portal for quick changes

Commercial TV

  • Specialized service and support for commercial TV clients
  • Integrate with digital signage to educate customers and promote offerings
  • Affordable sports package options

Voice Messaging

  • Leverage the power of your brand voice
  • Inform your guests and drive sales
  • Reduce perceived wait times and hang-ups, manage call traffic

Social & Mobile

  • Connect with customers using Shazam In-Store and Social Wi-Fi
  • Promote special offers and events
  • Add value to the taproom experience while gathering valuable data

Sound & A/V Systems

  • Cost-effective, high-performance solutions for any size and budget
  • Unparalleled sound quality from world-class equipment partners
  • Expert installation, dependable local service
free digital beer menus

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