Driving Beats: Branded Music for Automotive

From background soundscapes to advertising jingles, music is an essential element of the human experience – and automotive manufacturers are well aware of this truth. They also understand the power of background music in influencing customer mood and buying behavior, and know why a branded music playlist can reinforce customer perception of a brand’s core values, commitments, and mission.

With their eyes constantly fixated on the cutting edge of customer preference, it’s no surprise that automotive marketers are quickly incorporating the latest and greatest tunes in their ads. And by playing the right music in the background of your automotive dealership or showroom, you can connect with your customers on a deeper level – creating the positive personal relationships that inspire customer loyalty.


Branded music plays to the same elemental desires that automotive manufacturers consider when designing their vehicles – emotion, engagement, experience, and exclusivity. Here, we explore these key concepts to show you how to consider them when creating your custom, branded music mix.


Every marketing novice knows that customer purchasing is largely driven by emotion – and extensive research has shown that music is an excellent emotional trigger. So if you want to speak to your customers on a personal level, approaching them through their appreciation of music is an excellent way to set the stage.

Think about it – by playing the music your customers connect to in your showroom or automotive dealership, you are associating your brand with the music that already speaks to your audience. In doing so, you effectively tell your customer, “Your preferences and values are important to us.”

When your custom, branded music playlist contains musical selections that reinforce your core values and goals, like-minded customers will perceive your automotive business as one which aligns with their own values – reinforcing the emotional connections which inspire brand advocacy and loyalty.


It is no longer enough just to blast your content out into the atmosphere – marketing these days is a two-way street, and customer engagement is the new gold standard of success. When used strategically, branded music can be a powerful tool for encouraging customer dialogue – promoting conversation and communication that drive your brand image into the heart of your customer.

When paired with branded content that includes a call to action or incentive to share, your custom music mix can also inspire customers to act as advocates, pushing your carefully curated content out into the social sphere and sparking new dialogue between you and your growing audience.

Mood Automotive Music


A visit to your showroom isn’t just an opportunity to push your product – it’s an invitation to showcase your entire brand experience. A unique musical experience or soundscape adds a whole new level of engagement to the customer experience – providing your customers with a unique and individualized interaction that is sure to bring them back.

Whether your automotive brand whispers sophistication, inspires play, or demonstrates a display of power – incorporating the music that embodies the experience you aim to provide will strengthen your brand promise with real sensory experience.


Automotive manufacturers bank on the draw of exclusivity – and why wouldn’t they? As the popularity of certain luxury brands prove, it pulls a strong crowd. Providing access to exclusive offers, upgrades, or perks makes your customers feel valued and appreciated – and your personalized, branded music mix gives you the opportunity to take that singular experience to the next level.

When applied strategically, sound is an invaluable tool for inspiring feelings of emotional connection and well-being. To top it off, your custom branded music mix can provide a powerful avenue for driving customer engagement – so use it wisely!

For more information about how you can use custom sound to drive customer engagement and provide an unforgettable customer experience, contact Mood Media, today – and we’ll help you rev up the right mood, from the start.

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