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It’s no coincidence that the words epic and awesome are inundating consumer reviews – it’s a direct reflection of shifting customer focus. Today’s customers are less engaged by traditional services and presentation of products. Instead, they actively seek out experiences which provide them with a sense of exploration, adventure and discovery. From millennials to the recently retired, consumers are bombarded constantly with marketing that feels like marketing, when what they crave is something entirely different.


Consider your last excellent hotel stay or dining experience. The finest details of your interaction – the sights, scents and sounds of the environment, as well as the care with which you were attended to – all conspire to create a memorable experience. And memorable experiences are what drive repeat business, encouraging your visitors to become repeat clientele and even spread the word about your business.

It should go without saying that the more thought you put into excellent experiential design, the more unique and thrilling your space will be. Providing subtle, surprising stimulus such as interesting lighting, curated music and custom scents can turn the everyday into the extraordinary. When your customers are delighted by these details, they are far more likely to share their experiences and give recommendations to their network.


Your customers want to experience the new, the innovative and the unique – their sense of exploration and adventure keeps them reaching for that elusive epic experience. A carefully considered experiential design strategy allows you to fulfill that desire, meeting your clientele’s unique needs and generating excitement about your brand. Remember, excited customers are the best customers – the ones who will promote your business by sharing their experiences with others.

Consider Technomedia’s Grand Hall Experience – an attraction which engages visitors to St. Louis’s Union Station into an immersive audio and visual exploration of history and illusion. The project effectively transforms the historic space into a lively exhibit without affecting the architecture and historic structure of the space.

The project is designed to evolve over time as the city of St. Louis invites local film and media students to design their own vignettes and visual art for future display. Observers are blown away by the presentation of these state-of-the-art visuals and sound in the already impressive space. By seeking to thrill and delight their audience, Union Station has created a buzz which actively engages their entire community.


Mood Epic Experiential Design

Smart businesses across all industries are already honing their experiential design strategies to meet the growing customer desire for new and fresh experiences. High-end retailers and hospitality brands are leading the way – with healthcare providers, restaurateurs and finance close behind. One excellent example is First Bank’s summer 2014 support of the USA Pro Challenge, in which they provided coverage of the scenic and challenging cycling event through live broadcast on a 21-screen video wall at their flagship branch. By featuring an adventurous experience, they provided their clientele with the sense of exploration, challenge and discovery they were craving – forging the kind of loyalty which turns customers into brand ambassadors, ready to share their experience with others.

Providing your customers with an epic experience doesn’t have to break the bank – it just needs to offer the sense of wonder and surprise that drives customers to share their experience. Simple experiential design elements can pack a big punch when applied effectively, which is why the experts at Mood Media are happy to help. We know experiential design inside and out, and we’re enthusiastic about helping our clients think outside of the box.

To learn more about how excellent experiential design can provide your clientele with the epic experiences they crave, contact Mood Media today. We’ll help you uncover the solutions that work best for your business and set the right mood from the start.


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