About Gelatissimo

The Gelatissimo story began in 2002 when the first store opened in the heart of Sydney. Daily, Gelatissimo’s award winning gelato is made fresh in-store with no artificial flavours and no artificial colours. Their popularity has been proven as today there are stores all across Australia, China, the Philippines, Singapore and beyond, with more stores popping up all the time!.

Gelatissimo is about more than just great gelato – it’s creating smiles, a socially engaging experience, be it sharing moments with family or catching up with friends. Mood was charged with creating a new music experience for the brand – which was to include a new music system able to deliver music to different demographics of their stores nationwide, as well as able to adapt to the changing needs in the future.

The Solution

The solution Mood implemented was ‘Mood Mix‘ and this interactive in-store music solution was then rolled out into all Gelatissimo’s 44 stores across Australia. Gelatissimo were able to take instant control of their own music, choosing from over 1,240 ‘mixes’ by using a virtual equivalent of a radio station mix desk in the form of a simple-to-use app. The app allows personalisation and to schedule playlists to suit traffic flow and customer demographics throughout the day and week.

Gelatissimo have been using Mood Mix in their stores since October 2017. Amanda Massingham, Gelatissimo’s Marketing Manager said;

“We found that Mood Media’s Mood Mix answered all of our needs. It was invigorating to have access to so many music playlists immediately. We had a great time matching the playlists to our customer demographics and ensuring that the atmosphere was well suited whilst they were enjoying our gelato. I also like that with Mood Mix we can adjust our store music to whatever need or promotion we run in the future.”

– Amanda Massingham
Marketing Manager






Mood Mix

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