Improve the QSR Experience with Digital Menu Boards

The use of digital menu boards is taking off in Fast Casual and QSR industries, leaving many businesses wondering what advantages might be offered by investing in the new equipment. If your quick service restaurant is seeking to increase sales and improve your customer experience, digital menu boards offer a dynamic and engaging solution. Still, it can be difficult sometimes for restaurants to justify the expense of purchase and installation.

If you’re having trouble seeing the rewards, we’ve put together just a few ways that a digital menu board could help your QSR save time and money, increase your ROI and give your food service business a competitive edge.

1. Regain control of your content. Digital menu boards enable their owners to choose the content, providing your restaurant with the flexibility you need to run smoothly. The creation of overlays can help corporate offices provide franchisees with pre-approved sets of promotional content, so they can adjust their displays to meet the changing needs of their specific location – and flexible permissions can empower managers to update their menus as needed to reflect changing specials or increase sales.

2. Update on-the-go. Your management staff has enough to do already, so why not help them make the best use of their time? Digital menu boards make on-the-spot changes simple by allowing updates to be made easily and instantaneously from any device with Internet connectivity. This not only eliminates the old-school delays of printing and providing physical materials, but also means management can execute updates directly from their mobile devices – no need to return to the office.

3. Adjust pricing. Customers respond well to pricing strategies such as daily specials, happy hour menus or other promotional pricing. Digital menu boards allow management to update your restaurant’s pricing as needed to promote specials, encourage sales of overstocked items and make other adjustments to increase sales and maximize profits.

4. Supply helpful information. Starting in December 2015, the FDA will require side-by-side display of caloric content with menu items – which means more complicated changes to your menu. Digital menu boards make it easy to comply with new regulations by allowing you to display more in-depth content regarding your menu selections – all at the touch of a button. You can also provide other nutritional information such as ingredient lists or notification of potential allergens, which can help customers make more informed decisions regarding their choices.

5. Engage waiting customers. Digital menu boards make it easy to include dynamic visual content to entertain and engage waiting customers, reducing perceived wait times and increasing sales. And because there are so many options, it’s a snap to create a customized, branded experience your customers will remember.

Digital menu boards are a great way to make your menus more accurate, attractive and dynamic – and they are quickly becoming a QSR standard. Why not improve your overall customer experience while simultaneously encouraging sales, streamlining menu updates and increasing your bottom line?

Improve with Digital Menu Boards

For more information on how digital menu boards can help you promote customer satisfaction and maximize your ROI, contact Mood Media today. We’ll help you identify efficient and attractive solutions to set your Fast Casual or QSR business on the road to success.

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