Improving Guest Experiences with Conscious Design

When it comes to hospitality, the guest experience is of utmost importance. Today’s competition is stiff, and with consumers’ post-recession belts just beginning to loosen, it’s important to ensure that every dollar spent on improving the guest experience supports the long-term emotional connections and inspire your guests to return.

The creation of long-lasting, meaningful relationships begins with a memorable guest experience, which is why conscious design is so important in the realm of hospitality. These days, a “good” visit is no longer enough. Modern guests seek a unique and exceptional stay, full of positive memories.

The recent rise of boutique hoteliers exemplifies this desire. By engaging clientele with a fresh and original approach, boutique hoteliers add uniqueness and perceived value. By leveraging that perceived value, they create a memorable guest experience which inspires loyalty and leads to repeat business.

So how can larger players and hospitality chains remain relevant? They do it by effectively employing conscious experiential design to create a unique, branded guest experience. This means engaging guests on as many levels as possible through excellent environmental design.

Visual, auditory and olfactory signals can be powerful motivators – even when they are very subtly applied. Stimulation of the senses is incredibly effective when applied within the hospitality environment as it creates and reinforces positive associations between your guests’ emotional experiences and your brand personality.

Think about it – what happens when you overhear a snippet of your favorite love song? Or get a whiff of baking bread? You’re immediately transported to the feel-good moments and memories associated with that sound or smell. Your guests are no different. Imagine the effect of infusing your spa or rooms with a subtle custom scent, created to support your unique brand image. Or imagine your guests tapping their toes to a custom music playlist crafted for their enjoyment while dining. The possibilities for positively reinforcing your brand image are endless.

Mood Hospitality

Conscious design is a must in the evolving world of hospitality. By thoughtfully employing the powers of sight, sound and scent, you’ll create an interesting and memorable atmosphere that greatly enriches the guest experience, and adds perceived value to your brand – all while inspiring the loyalty and repeat business of your guests! It’s really a win-win situation.

Interested in learning more about conscious design for your hospitality business? Contact the experts at Mood Media today and we’ll help you set the right mood for every guest experience.

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