Interactive Marketing: The New Customer Conversation

Imagine the flow of traditional advertising to be a gushing river, with the current moving swiftly in one direction – straight from a business to its audience. Marketers create a campaign, design their ads, broadcast their message out into the world, and then wait to reap the rewards.

While this approach has been the standard in marketing for quite some time, disruptive technology and a changing consumer consciousness is beginning to shift the course of communication with customers.

Today’s customer seeks to build a relationship with their preferred brand – which means they are becoming active participants in the marketing dialogue. Instead of a river flowing steadily in one direction, successful customer communications are more like a whirlpool – a strong flow of dialogue which circles between the consumer and their preferred brand.

One-way, broadcast communications no longer engage an audience whose focus is shifting to more active engagement. Today’s audience is empowered with the immediate connection and expertise that smartphones and other portable media bring to the table – and consumers are responding positively to interactive marketing solutions which maximize the power of those tools, by emphasizing connectivity.

The best interactive marketing solutions recognize the motivation behind this shift – first, the presence of persuasion burnout. Customers are tired of the constant bombardment of traditional “buy, buy, buy” advertising. And second, the customer desire to be active contributors in the improvement of the brands they interact with.

Times have certainly changed. The use of mobile devices puts the power of constant communication directly into the hands of the consumers – who are enabled to connect and interact immediately with their preferred brands. The good news of this power shift means there is endless opportunity present for those brands willing to forego traditional selling in favor of providing real, personalized customer experiences.

Mood Media is leading the shift from passive marketing to technology-enabled, engagement-driven conversation, through the provision of fully interactive marketing solutions, such as Mood Presence – an audio beacon technology which connects directly to your customer’s personal devices, in order to deliver truly personalized content. Since this content is tailored to the individual, it creates a uniquely engaging and personalized experience which adds immense value to the customer experience.



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Trust us – our interactive marketing solutions are enabled with the cutting-edge technology you need to make your biggest dreams a reality. And because we’ve been working on creating solutions which serve our clients for quite some time, implementing those solutions is both convenient and cost-effective.

Why not explore the possibilities today? Our interactive marketing solutions are flexible, scalable, and designed to meet your greatest expectations. We’ll help you meet the shift in customer conversations face-to-face – empowering your brand to provide the best customer experience possible.

For more information, check out Mood Presence today, to see how it works – or contact our interactive marketing experts, to find out how Mood Media can help you set the right mood for your customers.

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