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Sound is a greatly underappreciated business and marketing tool. Mood Media is determined to change that. Mood, the world’s leading installer of audio visual systems, has developed a broad range of sound and audiovisual solutions for businesses of all sizes in every industry.

Twenty-first century businesses need audiovisual equipment, design and installation focused on the demands of the individual business environment. Experience and expertise count for a great deal when it comes to commercial AV systems, and Mood has designed and installed more audiovisual systems than anyone else in the world.


Mood has been partnering with industry-leading AV manufacturers such as Bose, Klipsch, Atlas, PASO and Majorcom for decades. We work closely with their audio engineers to develop innovative solutions for the most challenging acoustic environments. Moreover, our global team of professional systems designers and installation technicians have the experience for any size job, in any industry or in any acoustic environment.


Closely integrated audio and video solutions offer the most marketing bang for the buck. Moreover, your customers automatically become more engaged when you offer them a fuller sight and sound experience.

Mood has learned through decades of experience that clients need to be closely involved in the AV consultation, design, equipment evaluation and purchasing process. Our team of system design and account management professionals can help you put together an audiovisual system that meets your specific needs. Moreover, given Mood proudly maintains the industry’s largest trained and certified Global Service Network, you’re guaranteed a top quality turnkey AV solution and professional management from the moment you become a client.


We live in a noisy world. Sometimes it’s important to be able to speak freely, and Mood Media’s cutting-edge sound masking solutions make it simple to protect employees’ and customers’ privacy, encourage collaboration and increase concentration.


Mood Systems

Mood’s innovative sound masking solutions are also ideal for compliance with HIPAA and other safety regulations, which can be a significant concern in medical, financial, legal and open-office environments. Our sound masking options include four award-winning Lencore Speech Privacy solutions that guarantee privacy, reduce the perception of ambient noise and create comfortable workspaces. All Mood sound masking systems are relatively easy to install, discreet, adjustable and much less expensive than other noise reduction solutions.

Best of all, with Mood’s decades of experience and global support team, you’re getting a sound-masking system you can count on to meet your needs for years to come. Contact us today for more information.

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