Moblie Marketing Strategies Attract Smartphone Shoppers

The rise of mobile technology is transforming the way we connect. To stay connected to customers in a changing market, retailers and brands are searching for innovative ways to leverage emerging technology to create a more engaging customer experience. This desire has helped drive some exciting new customer-centric mobile marketing strategies, designed to bring together the online and offline experience and build stronger customer connections.

One exciting new development is the incorporation of location-based technology within innovative mobile marketing strategies. Through the use of location-based technology, businesses can effectively target consumers who opt-in with area-specific information. Brands can connect with smartphone-wielding shoppers on a more personal level – offering notifications which can be used to alert customers when a store is located nearby, or to offer location-specific promotions.

Location-based mobile marketing strategies often rely on the use of beacon devices, which use low-energy Bluetooth technology to detect when a customer (who has downloaded a branded, location-enabled smartphone application, or otherwise previously opted-in) enters a store or is within close proximity of it. Businesses can then send personalized messages directly to an individual shopper, tailoring the message to reference previous purchases or to reflect shopping and browsing behavior. Messages can also deliver discounts, coupons and special promotions or offer detailed information regarding products and inventory.

While many retailers are still familiarizing themselves with emerging technology and finding their comfort level, consumer opinion indicates that mobile marketing strategies which use location-specific information could revolutionize the experience of smartphone shoppers.

The benefits are obvious to consumers – deeper discounts, convenience, and more relevant and personal brand interaction – as evidenced by a survey conducted by UK firm, eDigital Research. Almost 45% of smartphone users surveyed indicated that they would be willing to allow businesses to send personalized messages to their mobile device – and 33% said that receiving those messages while shopping would likely influence their buying behavior.

Some businesses have already recognized the value of mobile marketing strategies which improve the customer experience via location-based personalization, and are making the moves to implement tools which support a drastically improved customer experience.

Mood Media’s Presence solution is one such tool. Designed to communicate with in-store customers via mobile device and smartphone, Presence uses sophisticated audio beacon technology to engage customers with smart, customized content while simultaneously collecting valuable data which can be used to tailor future communications, adjust inventory and enhance future customer interactions.

To find out more about how mobile marketing strategies and solutions such as Presence are revolutionizing experiential design and driving rich, technology-enabled customer engagement, contact the experts at Mood Media.

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