Set The Right Mood with Custom Music for Business

Music has always been an essential part of the human experience – and as humanity has evolved, so has our musical interaction.

In the 1940s, the introduction of FM radio made musical entertainment accessible to everyone, and the development of the portable radio brought it into households and businesses everywhere. Since then, the progression of digital technology has made music more accessible than ever before – allowing us the opportunity to set the backing track to our experiences.

Music has long been the soundtrack to our everyday lives – so it only makes sense to consider its incredible influence when setting the tone for your business environment.

Sound is a vital element of the customer experience, and has proven to be a highly effective channel for inspiring engagement – which is why music for business solutions have proven so popular over the years. But most music for business services are cookie-cutter solutions – they offer canned programs or a limited selection of preset stations, which leaves little room for the individualized attention your customers deserve.

Luckily, streaming music for business solutions have seen some recent advancement. The flexibility offered by such solutions allows businesses to create a more customized musical experience, setting the proper mood for their unique environment and clientele.

Mood Mix (offered by experiential design leader, Mood Media) is one example. Their music streaming service allows business owners to easily stream music content from any internet-connected device. Users can choose from a wide offering of genre stations, all fully-licensed and designed for businesses. Users can create customized playlists designed to connect with their specific clientele, as well as select the genre, style and lyrical messages which embody the core mission of their organization. An easy-to-use mobile interface allows users to edit and update playlists quickly or schedule selections which reflect the appropriate mood for every moment, every day.

If you don’t have the time or confidence to be so hands-on, Mood offers several other music solutions to fit every business owner. From simple and affordable Core programming, to consultative programming with Elements and even track-by-track custom design for the most control over your sound branding, there are solutions for all businesses available.

When it comes to experiential design, a music for business solution which offers users the ability to tailor their audio experience is absolutely essential. Music is integral to our everyday experience, and the background selections chosen by businesses can strongly influence customer engagement and interaction.


Mood Custom Music

Simply put – good music drives customer engagement. Bad music drives customers away.

The rise of digital solutions opens a whole new level of engagement – and puts the power back into the hands of businesses. By using a music for business solution which offers in-depth customization, organizations can set the stage for connectivity, inspire customers and drive positive brand recognition. Remember, music is an incredibly powerful tool for translating your brand’s message into a memorable customer experience. Why not create a soundtrack that sets the right vibe, every time?

For more information about how you can create soundscapes which truly resonate with your customers, contact the experts at Mood Media today.

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