About Smiggle

Imagine stepping into the shop of a colourful, fashion-forward stationer where you are greeted by vibrant, creative and eye-catching visual messages. An up-beat soundtrack plays in the background – as an employee offers knowledge across a selection of the newest gadgets designed to excite kids and adults alike. This is what Smiggle is passionate about. They want people to come into their stores, have fun and explore products in an interactive way.

The Solution

By incorporating these elements into their sensory marketing strategy a customer experience has been crafted which inspires brand loyalty, increases customer spend and stands out in the consumer’s mind – encouraging return visits and boosting word-of-mouth exposure.

“Smiggle fans love to experiment, explore, test and play and so we focus on providing an environment that meets all those needs and triggers all the senses! A great soundtrack, ever-changing motion imagery and the very nature of our interactive products makes Smiggle a fun place to be.”

Emma Fulford
Marketing Manager




65-Music, 9-Music & Visuals


Digital Signage, Custom Music

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