Thank you for your interest in submitting your music to Mood Media. Please complete the following steps regarding the submission of your music content:

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Send a download link of your music to with [New Music Submission] in the subject line. *Clean versions only
  2. In your email body you must include your label name, music style/genre, track name, artist name, composers & licensor i.e PPCA
  3. Please ensure you are registered with PPCA & APRA so that any royalties earned will find you. (See below information).

Why Should I Submit My Music to Mood Media?

Two main benefits of having your music played in public spaces are;

  1. Getting your music out there. More people hearing your work can turn into increased plays for the song in other ways, for example if a listener likes a song and downloads it from their preferred online retailer, or adds it to their personal streaming service/s. This additional usage will again lead to increased remuneration for the writer/s.
  2. Earning royalties from PPCA & APRA AMCOS

We make playlists for 9,000+ retail and hotel spaces around Australia and New Zealand. Mood Media Australia has a dedicated and passionate team of Music Designers who work directly with large and small brands to create their perfect music playlist. If you are registered with PPCA & APRA you will receive royalties for your music whenever it is played on radio, streamed or played in public spaces. For more information on One Music, APRA AMCOS or PPCA please follow the links below.

One Music –

Where Will My Music Be Played?

If your music has been successfully placed by our Music Designers then it may be played in a number of retail spaces, cafes & restaurants, hotels or gyms across Australia & New Zealand. For a sample list of these places please email ; please note we will only provide this list if your music has been placed.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your music for consideration. We look forward to listening to it!

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