Montblanc, the German-based luxury brand, has transformed its new concept stores across five continents with the support of Mood Media, the world leader in elevating customer experiences.

As part of the large-scale deployment, Mood was responsible for installing a new innovative video solution while also replacing the luxury brand’s current in-store sound with custom-designed music.

Specializing in luxury writing instruments, watches, leather goods, jewellery and perfumes, Montblanc is able to offer its customers a dynamic environment, creating a balance between contemporary design and classic elegance. Using different video solutions, Mood Media and Montblanc created a multi-sensory experience, immersing customers into the world of Montblanc.

The installation process began more than six months ago across five continents, with 12 sites already equipped with the new solutions. The deployment will continue across Montblanc’s network of more than 500 boutiques around the world, with the speed of the implementation continuing to accelerate at the end of 2016.

Visual Solution:

Each boutique will include digital signage that creates a more interactive experience while promoting select products and highlighting the brand story. Components of the solution include:

  • -(2) 75” synchronized screens, highlighting Montblanc’s products
  • -A touch screen accessing Montblanc’s IOS app
  • -A video screen offering further insight into Montblanc’s watchmaking expertise and heritage

Additionally, Mood Media has also installed a high brightness window display at Montblanc’s Hamburg Neuer Wall Flagship store: a 4860 x 1372 mm wall made of (8) 55″ synchronized screens.

Custom Playlist

Mood Media’s sound designers created a bespoke soundscape for Montblanc based on its two key brand values: luxury and modernity. The music program has been created to suit the tastes of four key customer profiles:

  • -Jazz and modern music for men
  • -Deep house and chill house for the younger audiences
  • -Softer, acoustic and jazzy sounds for women
  • -Retro music for “collectors,” referring specifically to the Montblanc special editions

The music program is predominantly instrumental with a 2:1 ratio between the instruments and lyrics. Mood Media and Montblanc decided to reduce the lyrics within the music in order to support better communication between the staff and customers.

Ken Eissing, President In Store Media at Mood said, “This collaboration has allowed us to offer innovative video and audio solutions for Montblanc, a renowned global brand. We are proud to be part of this transformation, supporting Montblanc in the development of its new store design, creating a unique and intimate multi-sensory experience for its customers.”

About Montblanc

For over 100 years, Montblanc has embraced the traditions of lasting value and exquisite craftsmanship. The Maison’s uncompromising principles of design, style, quality and workmanship have allowed it to create heirloom collections that are passed from generation to generation. The iconic Montblanc emblem is a symbol of excellence – the pinnacle of luxury writing instruments, timepieces, leather, accessories, fragrances and sunglasses – and the Maison has made an enduring commitment to encourage excellence through cultural advancement. Montblanc has its roots in writing culture and therefore sees a particular obligation to its own cultural commitment. Through various international activities, the Maison makes a creative contribution to modern cultural life: Montblanc itself writes a small piece of cultural history.

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