SYDNEY, Australia. May 10, 2017 – Amcal, the flagship brand within Sigma’s network of branded pharmacies across Australia, has transformed its in-store experience with the support of Mood Media. Amcal was looking to implement a new sensory branding strategy to add to the customer in-store experience of its franchise stores.

As part of the deployment, Mood was responsible for installing the technology to deliver an in-store sound with custom-designed music and advertising scheduled to target varying customer demographics and store traffic. Amcal, who is an integral part of local communities across Australia, now have an in-store solution comprising of scheduled music, and targeted messages and information.

Amcal have found that since the implementation of this sensory branding exercise, not only does it offer its customers a professional and relaxed environment in which to shop, but the effective messaging has connected with consumers.

The installation process began more than six months ago, with over 150 sites already equipped with the new technology. The deployment will continue across Amcal’s network of stores across the country, with the speed of implementation continuing to accelerate this year.

Music Solution

Mood Media’s sound designers created a bespoke soundscape for Amcal based on its two key brand values; health and wellbeing. The music programme has been created to suit the brand’s demographic and store traffic.

  • Softer tempo and relaxed music during mornings and weekdays
  • Higher tempo and upbeat music during afternoons and weekends
  • Regular messages or jingles playing between tracks


Ashley Thompson, Marketing Manager at Sigma Pharmaceuticals said:

“Our collaboration with Mood Media has allowed us to offer innovative audio solutions for Amcal, a renowned brand within the Australian healthcare industry. By creating a unique sound combining modern music with a handful of informative and targeted messages, we believe that the in-store environment is now a more relaxed and enjoyable environment for both customers and employees and we are engaging our customers at a far greater level than ever before.”

About Amcal

The Amcal brand has built its reputation on providing health and wellbeing solutions to Australians since 1937. Amcal pharmacies are an integral part of local communities in every state and territory, making them one of the largest pharmacy retailers in the country. They pride themselves on their qualified pharmacists and team members who live and breathe the ethos of putting the customers and their health first every time. Amcal offers professional advice, service and all the information their customers need to help them stay well.

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