Digital signage has been around for a number of years, but not all quick-service restaurants (QSRs) have fully leveraged this type of marketing strategy. Many in the QSR industry still adhere to more traditional marketing methods to attract customers, not realising the additional benefits that digital displays can offer them.

Traditional methods of marketing still offer many opportunities for attracting customers, however, when it comes to customer retention and building a loyal following, digital signage solutions take it to the next level. Retention comes down to customer engagement and enhancing the customer experience at your establishment, something that digital signage does very well.

Digital signage for restaurants includes in-window screens, ordering kiosks, weather-targeted product displays and menu boards, but how can all of these solutions help your QSR retain customers?

1. Less time spent waiting

One of the reasons that people go to a QSR is because they expect fast food. They don’t want to wait 10 minutes for someone to take their order and then another 20 minutes for their food to arrive; they want to get in and get out fast. This is where digital signage for QSRs can make a huge difference, because when you engage customers with a variety of digital signage content, they become engaged and preoccupied, losing track of time.

2. Real-time updates

There’s nothing worse than deciding what to order and finding that it’s no longer available on the menu. Using digital signage for your restaurant menu eliminates this type of problem because it can be linked to your POS, automatically updating any changes in real-time. You can also promote limited-time offers, new menu items and even target certain audiences, all using your digital displays.

3. Display nutritional information

How often have your queues come to a standstill because customers ask the staff about the ingredients or calories in your menu items? This information can be very important to allergy sufferers, vegetarians, vegans and anyone who wants to improve their diet. With digital displays, you can show all of this information for each menu item. This increases customer engagement enhances their experience and shows customers that you care about their needs.

4. Attract customer’s attention

Displaying your menus in stunning colour, even making them interactive, quickly draws a customer’s attention. These menus are easy to read, attractive and contain all the information customers need to make their selections. You can display multiple menus in locations that are easily accessible, and even promote certain items above others. In fact, research has shown that displaying a digital image of a specific menu item at the POS, significantly increases sales of that item. The options for digital signage content are endless!

5. Save money on updates and menu changes

Traditional menus, even the popular chalkboards, all cost money. That’s not to say that digital signage for restaurant menus doesn’t cost money, but with traditional signage, you need to pay for the designs, printing and shipping. You also need to pay for any changes or updates to these menus, which can happen frequently, leading to significant ongoing costs. With digital displays, on the other hand, you can update them yourself very quickly (even remotely), at no extra cost.

6. Support your local community with digital signage

Displaying menus isn’t the only use for digital signage, you can also promote local businesses, sporting events and even show local weather reports, news and sports scores. Using these displays to support your community, not only increases customer engagement but also shows everyone that you care about your community. It also demonstrates that you are tech-savvy and are committed to enhancing the customer experience at your QSR.

7. Enhance customer experience and engagement

Why not take your digital signage up a notch and install touch screen ordering?  This is a great way to maximise the use of your digital menus, by turning them in a digital ordering system or POS. You can suggest additional items and promote special menu items, all the while enhancing the customer experience and increasing customer engagement. Digital signage for the QSR industry has never looked so good!

Digital signage for restaurants is a powerful form of advertising that is cost-effective, meets customer’s needs, improves engagement and helps to increase customer loyalty. If you want to experience the benefits of digital displays at your QSR, call the team at Mood Media on 1800 808 368 or visit our website:

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