The construction sector has a wide variety of uses for digital signage and opportunities are available for both internal and public communication. Site safety boards, project management displays, touchscreen training guides and sales and marketing suites are just a few of these options.

Site Safety

Using digital signage for site safety boards can keep operatives and visitors safe. Use these digital screens to display highly visible mandatory health and safety messages that will not be missed.

Deliver live information and keep workers engaged with boards that are updated automatically or updated by head office or project managers. Digital screens create interest by using attention-grabbing bright images and videos to reinforce and important messages. Short videos showing the do’s and don’ts can be more entertaining to watch rather than several scattered static posters.

Use screens to provide reminders of standardised practices and regulations such as reporting procedures and the correct handling and storage of materials on site. Make the construction site a better workplace for all – and help remind operatives that management is looking out for them and their wellbeing.

Realise that your best investment is in the safety of your workers, saving you money in the long run. By investing in effective digital signage to display safety information and updates to workers, morale, loyalty and productivity are likely to increase.

Project Management Displays

You can also use project management digital displays to allow workers to see the progress of the job(s) using live integrated data for real-time updates. Place digital screens in the site office and cut through the extensive amounts of messaging with information that is timely and that matters.

On-site project managers or head office personnel can all have access to the online Content Management System – meaning that relevant information and fresh content can be uploaded by the relevant manager at the touch of a button or two.

Training & Reporting

Offering short, informative training in the form of interactive touchscreens in meeting places or break areas can be a viable way to get the training done quickly and easily on the workers own time.

Touchscreen displays can be installed within kiosks allowing construction workers to complete quick training modules that can be logged and reviewed by their supervisor later electronically.

Another use for interactive signage is a suggestion or report messaging option. Workers are the ones on the floor and see first-hand what can be done better or more safely. Allow them to provide feedback to their supervisors for simple improvements. Use digital signage to create a cohesive safe culture where everyone feels comfortable working.

Sales & Marketing Suites

Capture and sell to your customers’ interest with Sales and Marketing digital signage displays. Fly-thru videos, project overviews, timescales and interactive applications are all ways in which you can captivate your consumer.

A broad range of indoor digital signage solutions are suitable for sales and marketing suites – information screens, video walls, interactive displays or tablets, menu boards showing house listings – the opportunities to engage with customers are limitless with digital technology.

Don’t Forget the Digital Signage for Head Office!

Digital signage within the construction industry can be a great addition to any reception, office or canteen. Communicate to staff, visitors, management and workforce.

From news feeds to company presentations to project updates, you can have a fresh, up-to-the-minute live display on your wall.

Integrating your IT and digital signage infrastructure is easier and more seamless if included in the original design, infrastructure and budgets for your next construction project. Allow us to help with the planning of your next digital signage project and call the team at Mood Media today.

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