Say goodbye to sterile, vacant hotel lobbies and hello to more inviting community spaces with free (and fast) Wi-Fi– the hotel lobby is becoming an area where millennials can grab a cocktail or socialise with friends, and local workers can use as a base for meetings.

So, it is of paramount importance for hotels to ensure that the time their clientele spend in the lobby area is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

First Impressions

Did you know that your first impression is formed within seven seconds? In hotels, this occurs in the lobby, and that impression will be cemented in the guests’ mind for the rest of their stay, setting the tone for their entire experience.

Music can be a deal breaker and every note of music played should be carefully curated to support the sensory experience and to keep guests satisfied during their stay. Not only can the right sounds make guests happier, but it can also cause employees to be more energised and engaged at work.

Setting the Musical Trend

Chillout music isn’t a genre it’s a feeling. Hotels are one of the few service providers whose goal is to offer an unforgettable experience and make you feel so good you want to return as soon as possible. Chillout music allows listeners to break away from their fast-paced lives by providing a guilt-free escape from reality.

As music trends and tastes change, European hotels are increasingly using globally sourced electro-infused ambient lounge music to entertain their guests. A trend we anticipate will soon catch on in Australia.

Going Local

Adding a little bit of local musical flavour is also important to millennials, especially for those who are on the hunt for a more unique listening experience when they are away from home.

What’s not to love? Being greeted in your local hotel by the sounds of a true fusion genre, with elements of pop, jazz and swing, and some local bands thrown in for good measure – the unwinding feeling of relaxation will be ingrained in the back of the guest’s mind.

Atmosphere Matters

The significant brand association comes from what music is being played in the hotel lobby as atmospherics are the key to positioning brands in the consumers’ mind. Millennials, for the most part, are not fans of classical music and would not be found listening to “elevator music” in their spare time, so why force them to while they are trying to enjoy their stay at a hotel?

Electro-lounge is designed for easy listening with modern electronica influences such as chillout and downtempo beats. Our playlists, ‘Chilltopia’, ‘NuLounge’ and ‘Luxe Life’, which can all be sampled on our Lounge Samples page, provide the soothing yet energised sounds of electro-lounge.

Playlists feature artists such as Moby, Underworld and Beach House. Entrance your guests with songs such as Become the Sky by Marc Hartman; Soul Intoxication by Basement Freaks; Too Much is Never Enough by Bob Moses and Violet City by Mansionair.

In the most sonically-challenging zone, the hotel lobby, playing music can help to lower tension of the transitional guest. Allow your guests to immerse themselves in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere with the sounds of electro-lounge. Contact Mood Media today to find out more about the electro-lounge sound and which sound and solution would be right for your hotel.

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