SYDNEY, Australia. April 27, 2017 – Mood Media has introduced Mood Mix, a new music service designed to provide a previously unavailable level of interactivity in the playlists being experienced by customers in a retail, hotel or restaurant environment. Businesses can now have access to a high quality on-demand music solution and have their own access to millions of tracks and hundreds of playlists.

Global brand Hilton is one of the first Australian businesses to experience Mood Mix, using the music solution in three areas of their iconic Sydney hotel – glass brasserie, Marble Bar and Zeta Bar. Each zone is able to create their own music mixes, and because they know their zone requirements better than anyone, are able to use the extensive music database to create their very own bespoke solution.

Clients, like the Hilton Sydney, can also use their mobile devices to easily access the playlists via the intuitive interface. The right music will be different for every business location, and Mood Mix allows employees and staff to fine tune their playlists to suit requests that may come from the stakeholders of that business, but ultimately to suit and keep their customers happy.

Michael Knott, Food & Beverage Manager of Hilton Sydney reports:

“Mood Mix is the perfect music solution for our business. We now have access to an amazing amount of music that we can blend ourselves to create the right atmosphere. These customised playlists can then be easily scheduled for the various sections of the hotel and even different days or times to suit our hotel visitor traffic.”

“It’s easy to use and we have complete control, and at the same time we don’t need to worry about what type of music will be played. The feedback from our staff and customers has been very positive.”

Mood Mix includes a signature feature set of uninterrupted and vetted content, playlist scheduling and mixing, access to Mood’s 350+ professionally curated music programs, and more flexible scheduling options for song preferences – enabling companies to plan different moods for various times of the day, month or year.

For example, to personalize the type of songs that are played next, sliders on the Mood Mix dashboard (see below) can be adjusted and tracks blocked or liked to further fine tune the chosen sound. Mood’s music designers pay attention to minute details such as pace, message, timing, familiarity and freshness, and make it easy for businesses to then have playlist control with a vast array of music choices.

Steve Hughes, Managing Director of Mood Media Australia explains: 

“Music can set the tone of a brand, but there is no-one-size-fits-all solution for businesses just as no customer is identical. Different target market segments, times of day, seasons and sales scenarios each represent different audio branding needs. Mood Mix offers a high quality on-demand music platform to meet the demands of almost any commercial environment, while allowing our clients straightforward ways to evolve and meet consumer expectations with greater personalisation and choice.”

“The right audio strategy creates an emotional connection between a customer and the business, boosts sales and creates a positive experience that encourages customer loyalty. It was for this reason that Mood Media created the background music industry more than 80 years ago. Today, Mood Media leverages the marketing potential of music even further with clever use of technology to engage customers with brands.”

Set the right mood for your business with Mood Media. To learn more about Mood Mix and its interactive features, please click here to view a short video.


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