SYDNEY, Australia. September 24th, 2016 – Coming back from BIGSOUND festival and conference in Fortitude Valley, some of the team from Tone Deaf (one of Australia’s leading online music sites) really enjoyed the music they were hearing whilst in a local Sizzler restaurant. A subsequent Tone Deaf investigation went underway and what they discovered was that the playlist gracing their eardrums was none other than ‘Acoustic Chill’ by Mood Media. This 20-hour jumbo list of tracks includes cuts from the likes of Riley Pearce, Falls, Hein Cooper, Melody Pool, Halfway, Daughter, Stillwater Giants, to name but a few. 

Ray Medhurst, one of the music curators from our Music Programming Department, was then interviewed by the team at Tone Deaf — “When we meet with a client [who requires music services] we provide a consultancy service that involves asking a lot of questions to ensure that they play the right music for their environment. What do they want the music to do? Is it to create a certain atmosphere? What kind of energy do they want? Who are the people listening to the music? What kind of experience are they trying to create for their customer?”

Ray then explains what goes into a playlist such as Acoustic Chill — “We listen to lots of music and sort through it to find tracks that are appropriate for the playlist and that are going to work in the environment it is going to play in. Acoustic Chill is not too laid back and has a contemporary edge. When curating any playlist a certain amount of objectivity is always required, the creative team who curate our playlists have a strong passion for music across all genres. They are always listening out for up-and-coming artists and use the great relationships with the major record labels, independent artists and promoters to ensure that they are always one of the first to hear something new.”

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Core Music Playlists

The music you play in your business is one of the most important elements of your customer experience. When executed with thought and purpose, the right background music can create an emotional connection between your clientele and your brand, influence customer purchasing behavior, and help ensure repeat visits to your business.

As businesses have realised the potential to engage their clientele through background music, there has been a corresponding rise in low-cost services offered by commercial music providers. However, many commercial music providers offer a bland set of predefined options or a limited selection of preset stations that play the same tracks every few hours.

Mood Media have created a catalogue of over 50 background music soundtracks for every audience and industry. These soundtracks feature an array of styles from familiar favourites through to the latest cutting edge sounds, and they have been proven to be a highly effective for inspiring engagement. 

To get a flavour of these core soundtracks or playlists, listen to our regularly updated music samples here >

About Mood Media Corporation

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